Hold The Mic
Status Main Mode Gameplay

How To Play?

Touch the first letter of the word (do not release) and slide your finger to the next letter until you have the full word.

STATUS is all about rhyming the main word (rhymes are based off American pronunciation).

You need to unscramble the letters at the bottom of the screen to find a suitable word which rhymes with the word chosen for this level.

Every level has three words that rhyme with the main word. You can touch any of the three scrambled words and attempt to unscramble it.

A button which looks like the image above appears when you find one rhyming word. It allows to you to advance to the next level but if you want to upgrade your STATUS you need to find all rhyming words for each level.

You can shuffle the letters by touching the button that looks like the image shown above. Shuffling the letters will make it easier for you to find the rhyming word.

If you need a little more help you can touch the button that looks like the image above, this is the Ghostwriter who promises everything will be a secret. Just remember the Ghostwriter likes diamonds.


Status Profile Gameplay

During gameplay your STATUS Rank will improve as you earn more and more Sp.

STATUS Experience Points (Sp)

At the bottom of the screen is your STATUS bar this will show your current rank and the amount of Sp needed to upgrade to the next rank.

You earn Sp by rhyming words in Speed Run and Daily Quiz however the best way to earn Sp is by finding all three rhyming words for each level in the main mode.

Status Daily Quiz Button

Complete these daily challenges and you will win a prize.

Every day you play the prizes get bigger and better.

If you complete the challenges for 9 days in a row you will get a special prize.

Status Speed Run Button

Status Speed Run Gameplay

Race against the clock to rhyme as much words as possible.

Your STATUS Rank determines what round you start on, as you progress to the next round you can earn more points from each rhyme word.

Speed Run has three types of rhyming words Perfect, Good and Bad Rhymes.

The aim is to select as much perfect rhymes as possible doing so will increase your score, create perfect combos, increase the timer and move you to the next round.

If you select good rhymes you will lose your perfect combo and lose lives. If you select bad rhymes you will instantly return to the first round, the timer will decrease and you will lose lives.

At the end of each game your score is uploaded to STATUS Fastest Rhymer.

Challenge The World

Status Leaderboard Button

There are two leaderboards, STATUS Global Rank and STATUS Fastest Rhymer.

From the main menu you can check the leaderboards to view your scores, your friends scores and the rest of the competition.

The mic is golden and only one person can Hold The Mic, is that person you?

STATUS Global Rank

Your Sp is uploaded and everyone in the world can see the best rhymer.

You cannot be a basic rhymer or an average rhymer you have to be the best and the only way to prove this is by your STATUS Global Rank.

STATUS Fastest Rhymer

Sometimes being the best is not good enough you need to prove you are the best.

Your Speed Run scores is uploaded at the end of every game, practice everyday to compete and truly become the fastest rhymer in the world.

Certify Your Status

Status Achievements Button

STATUS has over 50 achievements with some being hidden and you need to unlock them to make yourself more noticeable.

Anyone can rhyme but not everyone can certify their STATUS with the achievements.

Prove you have what it takes to be certified.


Status Rapcoins

STATUS has Rapcoins (as shown in the image above) you will collect these during gameplay.

Rapcoins allow you to become inspired and to get perks.

Your wallet can hold an unlimited amount of Rapcoins.

If your running low on Rapcoins you can get more in the shop.


Status Diamond

During gameplay you will constantly earn diamonds, the more diamonds you have the easier STATUS becomes.

Diamonds are needed to become inspired and to use the Ghostwriter.

If your running low on Diamonds you can purchase them from the shop or play the Daily Quiz.


Perks provide bonuses which help you play STATUS.

You can get more perks by using your Gold Rapcoins or as a prize during gameplay.

Double Diamonds

Status Double Diamonds Perk

Double Diamonds as shown in the image above, this perk can only be used in the main mode.

If you complete any level whilst this perk is active you will receive double the normal number of diamonds.

Slow Spins

Status Slow Spins Perk

Slow Spins as shown in the image above, this perk can only be used in the main mode.

The next time you spin the lucky wheel it will move at half the normal speed, making it easier for you to get the prize you want.

Ghost Writing

Status Ghost Writing Perk

Ghost Writing as shown in the image above, this perk can only be used in the main mode.

Play any level and the Ghostwriter will automatically show you the first 2 letters for each rhyming word.

More Sp

Status Double Sp Perk

More Sp as shown in the image above, this perk can be used in the all game modes.

You will get an extra 200 Sp if you complete any level from the main mode or Daily Quiz.

If you play Speed Run this will be rewarded after you receive your final score.

Extra Heart

Status Extra Heart Perk

Extra Heart as shown in the image above, this perk can be used in the bonus game mode called No Errors.

You will get an extra heart allowing for more mistake in the level.

Slower Timer

Status Slow Bonus Perk

Slower Timer as shown in the image above, this perk can be used in the bonus game mode called The Speed.

You will double the amount of time to complete the level.